Written by Kevin L. Howard   

(Pastors, here's an article to post on your church website.  It may get you fired, but it'll be worth the laughs.)


Do you want to know how to stop gossip?  Stop listening.  And if someone insists upon delving into a story about someone else, tell her to wait a moment while you call that person to verify the details.


One other way to fight gossip is to tell me who's gossiping.  I'll call them and ask if they're spreading gossip, and I'll also give them your name.  Who knows, I might even list all of the names of the gossipers here for everyone to see.  (If you just got scared at the thought, then you're a gossiper.)


Gossipers never see themselves as gossipers.  They just like to talk or share or ask questions.  While gossipers consider themselves interesting conversationalists, God considers them fuel for hell.


If you need to know something about someone, here's a thought.  Go to the person you're wondering about, and ask him.  Otherwise, you're part of the problem.



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