Written by Kevin L. Howard   

March 30, 2005


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Dear Bob Avakian,


I heard one of your speeches recently (?3/24) on Michael Slate’s show “Beneath the Surface” (90.7/KPFK).  You’re articulate and passionate!  You’re also confident of Christianity’s evil. 


Please write me back at [deleted] because I like talking with people of other faiths.  I hope you’re not offended that I call your atheism faith.  I’m sure you realize atheism is a faith system too.  And since you’ve pinned you’re hope on its truthfulness, we can call it your religion.  How about that!?  Bob Avakian is a religious man!


You probably realize what most evolutionist don’t—since no one was there to record the Big Bang, it too is just as much a leap of faith as the biblical version of creation.  But no worries, you can always make your case stronger by stating forcefully, “Evolution is a fact!”


That’s what I like about progressives, they’re open-minded.  In fact, they’re so open-minded that only evolution should be taught in public schools, because we know for a fact that it’s true.  Those close-minded Christians who say kids should be told that another option is possible!  How stupid of them!  Fortunately, you see how ignorant Christians are, trying to force their beliefs on everyone else.  I hope I evolve to be as smart as you.


When liberals propose that the gay lifestyle might be a legitimate lifestyle they label themselves open-minded.  But when Christians propose that theistic creation might be a legitimate explanation they get labeled backwoods bumpkins.  (I guess hate speech against backwoods bumpkins and Christians is acceptable—just don’t speak derogatory of gays, women, blacks, illegal immigrants, or Democrats.  Interestingly, while you’re condemning Christians for being so close-minded, a Christian worldview allows your view to be heard.  Do you think you’d ever get to present your views in a country founded on Islamic principles?  You’d lose your head for it.  Oh, there I go spreading hatred about Muslims.  Man, I really could use some diversity training.)


Mostly, I like hearing from atheists how that Christians oppress women and homosexuals.  But a person of your intelligence knows that someone who believes evolution can never embrace a system of morals.  You have to call apparent oppression “survival of the fittest.”  History records the great contributions made by communists like Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao.  But don’t fret those death camps, since matter is eternal, then who cares about people dying by the thousands?  And before you mention the Crusades, keep in mind your worldview can’t condemn them.  In fact, a good robust atheistic view must admit there was no moral difference between the acts of Hitler and Mother Teresa.  However, a Christian can say that the evil of the Crusades supports the accuracy of the Bible—all people are sinful and in need of God’s wisdom and grace.


It’s too bad atheists can’t say anything intelligent about beauty and love while remaining faithful atheists.  You would think if Christians have to explain evil, then atheists would have to explain good.  But atheists are too sharp to get into this debate.  And for good reason, because they have no system that equips them to judge such.  For atheists to remain consistent, the Mona Lisa painting is no different in value than a finger painting from a 3-year-old.  The Grand Canyon no different in beauty than the ditch beside my apartment.  If you weren’t an atheist you could consistently argue otherwise.  But it’s better to be consistent than honest.


Anyway, I’ll stop now.  You probably quit reading a few paragraphs back.  Open-minded liberals have a way of being close-minded with Christians.


Yours Truly,


Kevin L. Howard

 PS-- But don’t be too tough on oppressive Christians—they were just born that way.  Isn’t that the trump card to justify anything?  Surely if it’s in their genes you could sympathize with their cause.