JOSHUA 24:14-21
Written by Kevin L. Howard   


Purpose of sermon: To show why and how God's people should obey him.


Introduction: God has made man in such a way that humans can, by God's grace, choose him.  Harsh consequences await those who reject God.


Verse 14

I. We need to approach God appropriately.

a. Fear God: knowing who he is.

b. Serve God: acting upon what we know about God.

            sincerity (totality).

            truth (integrity).


Verse 15

II. We need to follow God.

a. Serve the true God or serve the false gods.


Verses 16-18

III. We need to publicly acknowledge God.

a. Declare what he has done.

b. Declare your submission to him (more than words).


Verse 19

IV. We need to consider some attributes of God.

a. He is holy.

b. He is jealous.


Verse 20

V. We need to avoid God's wrath.

a. He disciplines his children if they disobey.


Conclusion: To obey God is the wisest choice.  Rebelling against God does not diminish who he is.


Timeless Truths:

1. We should worship God with our minds.

2. We are all worshipping something.

3. God calls us to follow him.

4. Sincerity should join arms with truth.

5. God does not overlook sin.

6. God is holy.

7. God is jealous.

8. God corrects his people.

9. God's correction is usually (if not always) painful.

10. God remains faithful whether or not his people do.

11. We cannot serve two masters.

12. We must come to God on his terms.