Written by Kevin L. Howard   


First, women need to better emphasize dressing modestly to the females in their sphere of influence.  How about publicly addressing immodesty in the church every six months?  What about addressing it at a women's retreat?  If need be, women can use magazine pictures or TV clips to start a discussion with other women about modesty.


Second, Christian women need to make sure they're dressing and living modestly.  Help men live holy lives by the way you dress.  We're assaulted with sex every day.  We're already trained (by culture and our own sinfulness) to think sexually, so don't make us endure it at church.  There's still great power in concealing your physical beauty.


If you're a mom, don't underestimate your influence over your girls in the way they think about themselves and your boys in the way they think about women.  The father's role is vital too.  If fathers start instilling the virtues of modesty while their children are young, then these same fathers might not fret as much when their sons and daughters blossom into teens.  If a man already has a teen daughter, he can hopefully still shape her outlook on her body.  He must show her love, but remain firm that she isn't free to dress like a streetwalker.  And he can have the same positive influence on his sons, teaching them to respect women and to cherish sex as a gift of marriage. Train your children now while they're young.  Teach them not just to dress modestly but to think modestly.  After all, modesty is a heart issue. 


Dressing modestly won't get you into heaven, but it might help keep some men out of hell.  If what you're wearing to church is immodest, it's probably too immodest to wear anywhere else, and vice versa.  But this article is about more than how you dress.  It's about being a person with a pure heart.  Modesty is part of your character and will express itself in how you walk, what you say, what you wear, and how you bend down to pick something up.


You can be dressed the right way and still send the message of immodesty by what you say or how you walk.  Immodesty (or shall we say, impurity) can even be conveyed by your eyes when you look at someone.  Do your part in helping keep men pure and families together.  When in doubt about what you're wearing, put on more.  How about asking a trusted older Christian woman what she thinks about your dressing habits?


You can dress attractively without being sleazy.  But the Bible warns about the trap of outward beauty.  If you have to choose between attractive or virtuous, I hope you choose virtue.  You will not always have to choose between the two, but sometimes you will.  And dressing modestly is asking little from a soldier seeking to wage war on the enemy.  Seeing Jesus' smile of approval when you get to heaven will make your sacrifice worth it.


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