Written by Kevin L. Howard   

October 2005

Anna [e-mail deleted],

Thanks for helping university students see that education is really secondary while they're students.  And thanks for helping men everywhere see women as sex toys.  It's people like you that give feminism such a good name.


Anna's response on October 28, 2005 [Warning—following contents may be offensive]

"Hey Kevin,

It's interesting that you consider an event focused on educating women about

their bodies and sexuality as something detrimental to education. Why is only

this event showing students that their education is secondary, and not every

other event on campus? Also, this event is about WOMEN learning about

THEMSELVES, the ways their bodies work, and how to achieve org*sm through

SELF-LOVE. In explaining this event to people, I have sometimes said, "If you

were to ask any man if they had ever had an org*sm, none of them would say,

'Well, I came close once....,' 'I'm not sure,' 'Not really,' 'Well, yeah

once,'" and so on and so forth. These are responses you could get from many,

many, many, many women. It is unfortunate that there is such a lack of

understanding about female sexuality in our culture, and we are hoping to

help people learn about the history and technology of female org*sm, the

anatomy of the female body, the location of the only PURELY SEXUAL ORGAN IN

THE BODY, the clit****, as it is CENTRAL to a woman having an org*sm, and how

to have sex SAFELY. This is hardly about learning how to get women to work for

men. Rather, this is about educating women on how their bodies work and how to

have a positive, wonderful, beautiful relationship with themselves. I hope

this helps soften the initial blow a little bit. Thanks a lot for your

feedback; I really appreciate it. Let me know if you have any questions or

further comments. I would love to hear back from you.

Anna Potter"