2 SAMUEL 11:1-17
Written by Kevin L. Howard   
SERMON OUTLINE, David's Downfall


Purpose of sermon: To warn us of the deceptiveness of sin.


1. He was slack with his priorities and time (1-2a).

(He was not where he should have been.  This indicated his lax condition.)


2. He saw temptation but didn't run away (2b).


3. He inquired about something he knew was off limits (3).


4. He took what he knew was not his (4a).


5. He sinned further by acting on his desires (4b).

(He sinned before this point; it didn't just happen.)


6. He had to face the consequences of his sin (5).

a. The child and its death.  (Sin always has a price regardless of the person or position.)


7. He was more concerned about covering up than repenting (6-13).

a. He tried deception but it didn't work.

b. Sin can't be hidden (Proverbs 28:13).


8. He had to sin more in order to "cover" his previous sin (14-17).

a. Sin breeds more sin-murder.


Miscellaneous points:

  • David was a man after God's own heart.
  • He always won in battle but lost in the bed (Mark Rooker).
  • He conquered many men but was conquered by one woman.
  • He knew victory through his army but knew defeat through adultery.


Conclusion: Are we stronger than David?  He was a devout and committed man with many great qualities.  If he fell, shouldn't we take heed lest we also fall?