Written by Kevin L. Howard   

The mindset that we should have what we want whenever we choose prevails in American culture.  But it's this attitude that's corrupting the moral fabric of American culture.  And this selfish idea is at the heart of abortions.

When we say that we can jump in bed with anyone we choose, we demonstrate this attitude.  Why shouldn't we do this?  It's our choice, right?  If it feels good, then do it.  "As long as it makes us happy, it must be okay," we lie to ourselves.  Our wants seem to justify most anything we do.  Then, if we get pregnant, why not kill the baby?  All we ever really cared about was ourselves anyway.  Why should we show compassion?  Isn't it our right to abort?


But all of this boils down to one thing—selfishness.  If we didn't think of ourselves as gods of the universe then we might live differently.  We need to live as mature people and take responsibility for our actions.  If a girl is mature enough to have sex, then she should be mature enough to carry her baby to term.  There's no excuse for slaughtering a baby just because the mother doesn't have time for it.  Maybe she should have thought about that before sex.  She could give her baby up for adoption.


Our choices have consequences.  It's time to take responsibility for our actions and stop living only for ourselves.