Written by Kevin L. Howard   
How far away is the United States from religious persecution?  Perhaps not far.  Perhaps we're there already.  Before long we may find it illegal to preach or write against homosexual practices.  Then will come a few fines, pressure on Internet hosts to stop carrying "hate speech," and, maybe soon after that, preachers and others will find themselves in jail.


If some homosexual activists get their way, we'll all eventually have to bow to the god of perversion and declare gay acts good.  For many years homosexual activists have accused Christians of hatred.  Now, the tables are turned.  In the wake of Americans voting for traditional marriage legislation, like Prop 8, recent acts of violence from the gay community, show that many gay activists aren't interest in just having freedom, but in making the rest of us applaud their ways.  So much for tolerance from the left!


Here are a few articles that call attention to the direction radical gay activist want to move the fight for their "rights." 









Are gay-rights' activists really harmless and only seeking acceptance?  The evidence seems clear.


Jesus tried to prepare his people for persecution (Luke 9:23; Jn 15:18-20).  Those without Christ act the way unredeemed people act (Rom 1).  How will we respond (Eph 5:11; 1 Pet 2:18-25)?


(Posted Nov 2008)


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