MATTHEW 11:28-30
Written by Kevin L. Howard   


Intro: Personal fishing/anchor story


1. Jesus invites the needy to himself.

a. But how do we come to him?  In the passages that precede, the people coming to Jesus came by faith.  That's how we come to him now.  (Perhaps also, silent waiting before the Lord and praising him, especially when things aren't going well.)


2. He offers what no one else can give.

a. He has your best interest in mind.

b. He demands everything but gives us peace in return (10:34-38).

c. What about the burdens of the Christian life?  [Use a recent news story.]

d. Not a promise that tragedy and difficulty won't come, but an assurance that when they come, they don't have the right to permanently steal our peace.

e. Note: yoke and burden Jesus mentions could refer to legalism Pharisees were laying on the people.



I can be real with him:

Sin: A few months ago, one particular day, I felt far from God.  A thought came to my mind that assured me of God's love for me, "Kevin, even if you run away from me, I will run after you."

Silence: God doesn't always give us the kind of clarity in our personal lives as we would like.  In fact, at times, he seems absent.


If he's really inviting us, we can come as we are.  We don't have to fake it.  Do you have doubts, fears, anxiety, temptations?  He says come.  And then he'll start changing us.



Unbeliever: don't try to work your way to God.

Christian with unconfessed sin: don't try to hide your sin.

Christian without clear answers: be encouraged, God hasn't abandoned you.