2 SAMUEL 12:1-14
Written by Kevin L. Howard   
SERMON OUTLINE, Confrontation and Confession


Purpose of sermon: To help people see the seriousness of sin and the need to confess before confronted.  (And to encourage believers to confront fellow believers in sin.)


I. Hypocrisy is blind (5).


II. Confrontation requires boldness and truth (7).


III. Judgment from God is always serious (10).


IV. Hidden sin will be revealed (12).


V. Confession and repentance are necessary (13).

(It was late, but not too late.  God forgave David's sin.  God didn't judge David as harshly as David judged the man in verse 5.)


VI. Ungodliness affects other people (14).

a. mockery

b. death


Conclusion: You can probably never sin in a vacuum and be the only one damaged by it.  Are there any sins you need to confess to God and to another human you trust?