Written by Kevin L. Howard   
With women showing off more of their bodies in public--via their clothes--a man who wants to stay pure in his thoughts could grow bitter.  Every time I see a woman dressed immodestly I could writhe with anger at our sinful culture but such a response could easily lead me to think I'm superior to her, that I'm somewhat less sinful.


One way the Lord is helping me temper my anger against the loose morals of insufficiently dressed women is through prayer.  Since the Apostle Paul says pray without ceasing in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, our provocative culture gives me many opportunities to pray.  Whether I'm at a church building or in the mall, when I see a woman wearing seductive clothes, I pray for her.


I pray that if she claims to follow Christ that God convict her of the way she dresses and lead her to godly women to model modesty.  I pray that she learn the true heart of modesty--a heart that longs to please God.  Then I pray that if she's not a believer that she'd meet a true Christian and trust the Lord.  If she comes to know Christ and tastes of his holiness, then modest behavior will flow from a modest heart--a passion to honor Jesus in all things.


In my wiser moments, I also pray for myself that I remember my own sin and turn to Christ in humility.  Without his grace and mercy, I too will embrace immodesty and pride.  And then I'll go down like so many other men who considered themselves strong.


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