"Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me" John 14:1
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Written by Kevin L. Howard   


Central Idea for sermon: To show God's sovereignty and glory in creation as well as his compassion, purpose, and provision for it.


Intro: The theory of evolution attempts to rob mankind from seeing God's glory in creation.  To view the earth, plants, and animals as an accident leaves no room for a holy compassionate God and leaves man stranded with no purpose.  God's Word shows us our purpose; it demonstrates God's holiness and man's helplessness.


Verses 26-27

God creates man as his top creation.  God uses his words to create and allows man to relate to him.  This signifies the wonderful privilege God extends to mankind.


Verse 28

God gives instruction to his creation.  God shows his goodness and then gives man clear direction about what to do.  God reveals himself to man.


Verses 29-30

God provides for his creation.  God never fails to meet the needs of his creation, whether man or animal.  God truly cares and gives the herbs and trees for man and beast.  This exemplifies the giving nature of God and his ultimate provision for man's need.


Verse 31

God glorifies himself through his creation.  God takes notice of his creation.  All that he creates reflects his holy handiwork; he is manifest in what he creates.  Being manifest in creation does not mean that he lives in the creation or that the creation is equal to him, but that his Creatorship can be found in all he makes.


Conclusion: After realizing God has created all things for his glory leads mankind to honor him.  Man is created to worship God.  Thus, man finds his real purpose-to worship God.


Timeless Truths:

1. God is sovereign.

2. God's Word is reality.

3. God is man's Creator.

4. God creates man in his image.

5. God's top creation is man.

6. God meets the needs of his creation.

7. God is the source of all life.

8. God's gives purpose to life.

9. God's creation glorifies him.

10. God Creatorship shows up in creation.

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