"Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me" John 14:1
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Written by Kevin L. Howard   


Purpose: By examining God's commandments we see who he is and how he relates to us.


Introduction: Commandments are often approached with negative thoughts.  People associate commands with strict rules which limit their fun.  With a wrong view of God, we'll misunderstand his commands.  By seeing God in his commands, we can better understand him and how we're supposed to live.


Verses 1-6

God is our worshipful focus.  Because he is God then he can command.  He has created all things and without him nothing exists; he, therefore, deserves the worship of all creation.  Through his commands he shows mercy and care.


Verse 7

God evokes fear and reverence.  We should not use his name lightly.  If we use his name disrespectfully, we fail to understand who God is-sovereign Creator.  The one who uses his name ungraciously should fear.  God will not be mocked.


Verses 8-11

God shows us how to live.  God has established one day of the week for humans to rest.  God did this by his own example of creating the heavens and earth in six days and then ceasing from his creating on the seventh day.  He was not tired, but used a day to show that his creating was done.  By this example, believers should take one day a week to rest and give special attention to God's rule and power.  When God declared a Sabbath, he was taking care of man by giving him a day of rest.


Conclusion: By knowing God personally we can better understand his commands and, therefore, know him more personally.  God's commands are filled with love and compassion and they guard us from burnout.  Someone has said, God's commandments are not cruel commands but sweet solutions.  We do well to remember that.


Timeless Truths:

1. God requires complete obedience.

2. God is jealous.

3. God takes sin seriously.

4. God gives us guidelines for life.

5. God is holy so don't use his name disrespectfully.

6. God wants us to follow his example.

7. God cannot be represented by an image but must be worshipped by faith.

8. God gives us one day a week to commemorate who he is and what he has done.

9. God is merciful.

10. God speaks based on his character.

11. God determines right and wrong.


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