"Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me" John 14:1
DEUTERONOMY 6:4-9 Print E-mail
Written by Kevin L. Howard   



Purpose of sermon: Show that we are called to whole heartedly love God, and, thus, teach his Word to our children.


Introduction: We are accustomed to showing affection to people only after they have first shown us compassion.  This passage calls upon believers to love God because of who he is.  (And, of course, he has already shown us a great deal of compassion.)


Verses 4-5

1. God's oneness deserves devotion.

a. Love him for who he is.

b. Love him with all we are.


Verses 6-9

2. God's Word demands diligence.

a. Put it in our hearts.

b. Parents teach it to children (diligently and consistently).

c. Surround our lives with it through constant reminders.

d. Let it affect every area of our lives.


Conclusion: We have all slacked in our love for God, but he has never slacked in his love for us.  Let's reevaluate our love life with God and respond accordingly.


Timeless Truths:

1. God is one.

2. We should love God with all aspects of our lives.

3. Memorizing God's Word can help with obedience.

4. God's Word should play a part in directing our daily lives.

5. God places primary responsibility on the parents for teaching his Word to their children.

6. Obeying God's Word is important.

7. Teaching God's Word is important.

8. Learning God's Word is important.

9. God's Word changes our lives.

10. The proper way to rear children is with the Word of God.

11. Our greatest devotion should be to the Lord.

12. As a result of our devotion to the Lord we can be devoted to our family and teach them his Word.

13. Understanding God prepares us for godly living at home.

14. The family is God's idea.

15. God loves the family.

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