"Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me" John 14:1
Written by Kevin L. Howard   

I drive my Harley Davidson on the sidewalks of Southern California and that's the way it is.  I'm here to stay, so get used to it!

It's freeing to wheel my Hawg on the walkway and twist the throttle back, painting black lines on the concrete.  And the smell of burnt rubber, now that's liberty.  How could such pleasure ever be wrong?

Some people stare.  Some even have the nerve to stop and point, standing with their mouths hanging open.  Then they whisper among themselves, exchanging venom.  I can always spot the traditionalists.  They spread their hatred like mayonnaise on bread.

Most men fanaticize of driving off-road, urban style.  And why shouldn't they?  This isn't the 1920s.  It's the 2000s and time to throw off the chains of the past.  Before long, we'll introduce curriculum in the public schools so kids can decide for themselves about this way of life.  In the mean time, we need more laws protecting sidewalk drivers from angry pedestrians.  After all, we're human too.  No one's getting hurt, anyway.  It's pure love and pleasure. 

Occasionally somebody tells me I can change, but isn't it obvious?  God made this way!  So relax and move out of the way.

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