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Written by Kevin L. Howard   

Sometimes, it's not proper etiquette to walk on the grass.  But occasionally, I like to veer off of the sidewalk and stroll through the grass anyway.  It's not just because I'm a rebel, but to remind myself of my purpose in life.  Walking on the grass keeps me honest.  As a preacher, I can't always walk where people expect me to.

Our world has posted signs everywhere in the social and moral scene saying, "Don't walk on the grass!"  In other words, "Mind your own business; let me live as I want; don't tell me I'm wrong."  But God calls us to speak to people where they live, in their joy and pain, and yes, in their sin.


I can't stay off the grass and stay true to God at the same time.  When I preach, I want people to sip on the sweet wine of righteousness and gag on the bitter dregs of sin.


The message of judgment has all but fallen out of our vocabulary.  The hope of the Lord's return and the threat of his awful dealings with sin is sometimes mocked, even by evangelicals. 


Such a message which lashes out against lying, cheating, divorce, abortion, racism, adultery, homosexuality, gossip, and smut will not be readily received by a world that knows nothing else.  But God has commissioned us to proclaim the horrors of sin and the glories of Christ.  Christ is our only hope, and without him people will forever suffer in hell.  We must remind people that life is short, and death will come to us all. 


Shout it from the mountain tops and the valleys, "God hates sin and loves righteousness."  To the world, this message is taboo.  What could be more socially incorrect?  But even our loving Lord, who forgave the immoral woman, also turned over tables and chased defilers out of the temple.  Yes, our Lord has a whip. 


Without Christ we will all die in our sin and perish in hell. To say this is more than any person can take.  But this is the message, the only message that we have.  Our culture tells us that making such claims is walking on forbidden grass.  Yet, if Christ's own family at times thought he was crazy (Mk 3:20-35), how much more foolish will we look in this world? 


Preachers, don't lose your focus.  God ordained you as truth-tellers.  Herald that message as though your life depends on it, for surely it does.  Tell your people the whole truth.  Judgment is coming unless they turn to Christ as the only forgiveness of sin.


Preachers, walk on the grass!  Stand up for the truth!  Proclaim God's word without shame!  It's our responsibility to walk where God walks, and that includes on the grass.


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