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Written by Kevin L. Howard   
Tidmill stood taller than most men.  His smile spoke of the pleasantries within his soul.  His charming personality impressed most people.  More than anything else, Tidmill loved one thing—photography.  His mind never rested from this pursuit.  Even when not taking pictures, he always searched for the perfect setting, angle, and object.  He found no greater joy than when he examined a scene to capture on a still shot.  To Tidmill, photography was not just a hobby, but a way of life, an all consuming desire. 

Tidmill walked through the woods, or into the park, or down to the beach to find that unique expression of nature's beauty.  He never delighted more than when he took pictures.  He hardly ever made money from his pictures, no, he did it for the mere contentment. 

Tidmill finally left his occupation as a Real Estate salesman and started attending
photography school full time.  After all, this is what he loved the most, why should he not make his living this way?  He excelled in his degree and continued with graduate school soon after college.  And within two years he was out of school with his master's.  He even opened his own studio. 

But along the way something strange had transpired in Tidmill.  He found himself too busy in his studio to go out to the country and wait for the perfect picture.  He told himself that one day, he'd get back to taking pictures like he used to.  The simplest scenes used to make profound statements to Tidmill; now they said little to him. 

No longer would that strange smile stretch across his face when he took pictures like it used to when he sat outside in the evening sun waiting for the right moment.  His pictures were better now, but something was different.  Although he understood the theory, the details, and the techniques behind the art, he had grown apathetic.  Somehow Tidmill, in the pursuit of studying his passion, had lost it.
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