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Written by Kevin L. Howard   
A news channel recently highlighted a San Francisco high ranking official, a man seemingly transformed into a woman.  Let's call him Teresa.  He looked like a woman but had the voice of a man.  What are we to think of such a person?


There is no reason to adopt the politically correct verbiage of "transgendered."  While surgery may have changed (or mutilated) their sex organs, they are still the sex of their birth.  Hormone doses may have brought about changes to their bodies to make them appear to be the opposite sex, yet they are still the gender of their birth.


We live in a world where some people expect us to accept absurdity.  But could anything be more chaotic, more outrageous than thinking of a sex change as normal?  Are they transgendered?  No.  They have certainly rejected their original sex and gender, but they are still the sex and gender of their birth, no matter how much they claim the opposite.  Someone like Teresa should be addressed as mister as a constant reminder that surgery can't fully undo what God created.


Just because a man hates himself so much that he has gone to great lengths to mutilate and humiliate his body doesn't mean he's now a woman.  (Granted, Teresa may not be very manly anymore, but he's still male.)


More people should hold the so-called transgendered community accountable for their self loathing.  Why should the rest of the world applaud or even accept someone who hates himself so much?  No person who has undergone surgery to alter his sex can claim to be anything other than a self hater.  Why else would someone claim to be a woman trapped in a man's body?  (I'm not sure if Teresa claimed this, but many others like him have.)  If these people are just expressing their true selves by having surgery that alters their sex, why not say the same about people who physically assault the "transgendered"?  Aren't these violent people just expressing their true selves?


If we can't accept violent people attacking those who have received sex changes, why should we accept the "transgendered" doing violence to themselves through surgery?  Should we not also reject their hatred and violence, self inflicted though it be?


The community labeled "transgendered" bears the wrong name.  Self haters and sexually confused they are, but truly transgendered they are not.

(July 2007)



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