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A WORD TO WOMEN ON MODESTY (Part 8) Print E-mail
Written by Kevin L. Howard   

Addressing the problem in your church


I want to encourage churches, even seeker-sensitive churches, to think of clever ways to address immodesty.  Church leaders can't overlook Christian sin because they're afraid of offending non-Christian visitors.  Numerous ways exists for leaders to deal with immodesty--a skit, a video, a testimony, small-group curriculum, pamphlets with examples of modesty.


If your church is winning people to Christ, then there will be women coming to Christ who know little about modesty.  I don't expect non-Christians to be modest, but with culture's undertow of sexual deviance, we must constantly reiterate the virtue of modesty to the next generation.  Undoubtedly, the staff and people on stage during the service must model virtue.  But the rest of the congregation should model it too.  Frequently, my jaw drops at church when I see moms dressing like Brittney Spears (and dressing their little seven-year-olds the same way).  My only consolation is in the hope that they're either a seeker who hasn't yet come to Christ or a new believer who doesn't know better.  Regardless, mature Christians can't cower in the shadows, afraid to address this issue. 


Christians can use positive peer pressure to create a culture of modesty.  If the majority of women at any given church dress modestly and promote modest dress, then other immodest women are likely to conform to the higher standard. 


Along with a culture of modesty, churches must cultivate a sense of community.  Too many Americans want things their way, with little concern for how it affects others.  Church isn't just Christian individuals gathering in one place, it's a community that cares about the health of the whole group.  A woman with an individualistic attitude might think, "If Kevin has a problem with the clothes I wear, then it's his problem not mine.  He should turn his head if it's provoking him to lust."  But this isn't a Christian attitude.  A Christian woman has as much responsibility to dress modestly as a Christian man does to turn his head when he sees something sexually provocative.


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 A 10-part series of the article, "One Man's Plea for Christian Women to Dress Modestly,"

by Kevin L. Howard, www.NeedNotFret.com


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