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A WORD TO WOMEN ON MODESTY (Part 3) Print E-mail
Written by Kevin L. Howard   

Protecting yourself and men


Immodesty not only damages men, but it hurts women too.  When men see women dressed immodestly, men think of them as objects of pleasure.  A woman can't dress immodestly, and then be upset when men don't respect her mind and personality.


Even if a man wants to think the best about you, if your clothes send another message, he's going to believe what his eyes tell him--"She's cheap and wants sex," or "She's wearing a tight shirt, so she must want me to notice her boobs."


God made men with a deep desire to connect sexually with a woman.  But Satan uses this against us and wants us to lust and masturbate over every attractive woman we see.  When you dress like the women on TV, you play into most men's prime weakness.  At least the married men can have sex when they get stirred up, but what does your immodesty do for teens and singles who have no legitimate sexual outlet?


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 A 10-part series of the article, "One Man's Plea for Christian Women to Dress Modestly,"

by Kevin L. Howard, www.NeedNotFret.com


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