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Written by Kevin L. Howard   

 July 2007


With recent wasted ink and video on Mitt Romney's past (1983) when he placed the family dog in a kennel on the top of his vehicle as he traveled with his family, some things become clear about animal-loving groups like PETA.  In fact, one TV news channel quoted someone speaking on behalf of an animal-rights group as comparing Romney's actions to putting a family member on the roof of the car.


First, let's examine groups that love animals as much as, if not more so, than humans.


A. They're more stupid and depraved than we originally suspected.  But that's what happens when you get the spiritual realm out of whack (see Romans 1 where people who didn't acknowledge God as all supreme ended up worshipping the creation).  No group that put humans and animals on the same level has a proper perspective of our sovereign God YHWH.


B. Such groups like PETA don't deserve our compassion as much as our scorn.  See how Elijah treated the depraved idiots of his day in 1 Kings 18:27.  He mocked them and that's what PETA deserves.  (If you think scoffing is mean, see what the prophet did to them in verse 40.) 


C. People whose thinking has grown so distorted should be viewed as a threat to our well being.  I'm not suggesting we kill them or throw them in prison, but we should watch these groups closely and do what we can to expose their wayward thinking.  What about a bumper sticker that says, "PETA: People Experiencing Thinking Atrophy"?  Or, how about, "PETA: Please Eat Tame Animals"?


Second, let's think of a good solution for dealing with these disturbed people.


A. Making them listen to long stretches of hip hop could be an appropriate punishment for their clouded thinking.  But this could be too harsh.


B. Perhaps making them listen to Al Gore's speeches would do the trick.  Again, this punishment sounds extreme.


C. We could possibly resolve the problem by strapping a PETA member to the tops of our cars as we go on vacation this year.  It's the least we can do to prove it's a great way for irrational beasts to travel.

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