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Written by Kevin L. Howard   
Joe's a good man.  He baby-sits his infant so his wife can pursue her dream job.  Not many husbands would stay home all day with a crying baby whose only specialty is pooping and peeing.


The problem is not that Joe wants to sacrifice for his family.  In an age of dropout dads, we commend Joe.  The problem is that both parents, Christian though they are, have believed the lie that their baby is fine with the dad as the primary caregiver.  A stay-at-home dad is better than childcare or an absent dad, no doubt.  But the model is not ideal.  The assumption in many feminist circles is that mom's absence during these critical months won't harm the child's long-term well being.  And the assumption is that her career serves as a better investment than the infant.


I'm not saying Joe's child will develop into a serial killer because his mom works.  I am saying the baby would likely fair better with his mom as the primary caregiver during his first few years of life.  The dad's presence is vital too, but the mom needs more involvement in her child's early years.


The best of all worlds would be a situation where both parents worked in the home, like in pre-industrial times.  But since this isn't possible for most American families, the mom is essential in those first few years.  How do I know?  I can think of at least "two reasons" the woman is more qualified than the man.  (But I don't want to make a boob of myself by spelling it out.)


Feminism has convinced many women that either they don't need a family or else they can have a family and a career too.  Women hailed as succeeding in both areas are likely cheating either family or career.


Most men aren't content making big bucks down at the office, so I find it hard to believe they're truly fulfilled babysitting all day.  I'm guessing few men could be satisfied without coaching and sensitivity training from feminism.  Besides worshiping the God-man, Jesus Christ, we men usually need to capture, kill, break, or restore something to find fulfillment.


Typically feminism tells women, "You don't need a man."  Fortunately Joe's family hasn't listened to that evil message of feminism.  But in his case, they have listened to the feminist message, "Your child won't suffer as the mom pursues her career."  The sad thing is, Joe and his wife have not only listened to it.  They have embraced it.

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