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Written by Kevin L. Howard   

Why are some people getting so heated over Don Imus' comments?  Do these heated people hate evil and want it stamped out wherever they find it?  Do they love God and want to glorify him?  Most likely not. 


Whatever happened to free speech?  (Please, no lectures about yelling "fire" in a theater.)  The Al Sharpton's of the world don't protest when people take God's name in vain.  They don't clamor when people disrobe on the big screen.  They don't blush or call for people to be fired when others flaunt their gay lifestyle.  These media lovers never seem to take offense at blacks using racist words against whites.


Could there be a double standard when it comes to sin and ungodliness?  Why do we tolerate certain shameful acts, like a man taking on characteristics of a woman, but convulse with rage and have a good ole fashioned conniption if someone says "nappy-headed hos"?


I thought liberals were open-minded.  Can't they tolerate someone who disagrees with them?  Aren't they diverse enough to hear someone say an offensive phrase without calling for a firing?  How about some fury over how much time Americans spend watching mindless sports games, like women's basketball?  Should we forget the professors in many universities who hate America and would love nothing more than to see this country's demise?  Yet few spot-light seekers rail against these dangerous professors.  And when's the last time Al or Jesse showed outrage at the millions of babies murdered in the womb? 


Racism is one of those few sins that you can stand against and still be liked in modern society.  Why no other sins that tick us off?  What about pornography? 


Many people like to "stand" for truth and justice when it fits a popular cause or gets them free media time.  Few people actually love righteousness so much that it reflects in all they say and do, regardless of media coverage.

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