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Written by Kevin L. Howard   

May 18, 2004


3325 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 1300
Los Angeles, CA 90010


Dear Mr. Geoffrey Kors:


Thank you for being a guest on Frank Pastore’s show (KKLA) on Friday, May 14.  I thought you were quite articulate, even though I strongly disagree with your views.  The exchange of ideas can be a profitable task, and that’s why I’m writing, to comment on some of your statements. 


First, you said that you think American history books should show the diversity of families and lifestyles in the U.S.  But just how far do you take this?  What about the polygamists, or the uncles wanting to marry their nieces, the 10-year-olds who want to marry, or the promoters of child porn?  Do they get equal time too?  If not, why not?


Second, if there is a higher suicide rate among children exploring whether or not they’re gay, maybe this only shows that exploring homosexuality drains them of dignity.  If you’re going to blame their peers for these suicides, maybe homosexual advocates such as yourself should also be held responsible.


Third, it’s interesting that you transformed the issue of gay marriage into an issue about children.  Ironically, gay marriage necessarily excludes children from the family process.  Yes, gay couples may adopt children, but it still takes a man and a woman (a sperm and egg) for a child to exist, something a gay relationship can never provide.  Even though there are sterile heterosexual couples that marry, it’s not the norm.  A healthy man and woman usually can procreate, but a healthy gay couple never can.  I find it odd that gays want to adopt children when it’s their very lifestyle which keeps them from conceiving children. 


Fourth, if gay marriage is really only about children caught in the terrible jaws of disadvantage—because their gay parents can’t get certain medical coverage, etc.—then doesn’t that put the onus back on gay couples for bringing children into such a precarious situation in the first place?  Gay couples knew that social benefits weren’t in place for them when they adopted children, so maybe this shows that gay parents are unfit parents.  And, since gay couples put their children into this mess, maybe gay couples should get them out of it, without the government’s help.  Isn’t it manipulative to knowingly put children into a unstable situation and then blame the government for not being fair, when all along gays knew that they wouldn’t have the same benefits as heterosexual married couples?


Fifth, marriage has always been between a man and a woman.  This may have been modified along the way in the last 50 years, but the sex issue has always been the same: a man and a woman.  What a paradigm shift to legalize same-sex marriage!  Since gays live together, can adopt children, and frequently make more money than many straight couples, how are homosexuals discriminated against?  Homosexuals are protected under the constitution just as I am, so how are they truly disadvantaged?   By legalizing gay marriage, you’re insisting that all Americans accept, not merely tolerate, the gay lifestyle.  How is that fair?  According to your arguments, you must fight for polygamists, relatives desiring matrimony, and young children who want to marry.  If you won’t fight for their rights, then you’re a hypocrite. 


Sixth, what worldview do you have that allows for a penis to enter a man’s anus in the name of love, but doesn’t allow for me, or the government, to oppose your lifestyle out of love?  Maybe the Eagles were right, “These things that are pleasin' you can hurt you somehow.”  If the sex organs don’t guide us here, then what does guide us?  Do we pursue whatever feels good?  How do you personally determine right and wrong? 




Kevin L. Howard

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