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Written by Kevin L. Howard   
In a recent article, Kevin McCullough writes about the methods of the so-called Christian Left.  He starts out discussing liberal theologian Tony Compolo and eventually moves to Jim Wallis.  About midway through his article, he calls Rick Warren the Christian Left's newest star.  He goes on to lump Warren in with these other liberals.  Is this a fair assessment?


McCullough makes an excellent point about Campolo and the Left.  The Left has done a great PR job on the American mind so that people associate compassion for the downtrodden with the Democratic Party.  But conservatives care about AIDS victims and the poor as well.  McCullough speaks truth-methodology matters.  Campolo has so compromised his faith, by selling out to the gay rights movement, that I no longer think of him as a Christian.  Whatever love Christians possess for others must be biblical.  Homosexuals aren't oppressed or downtrodden.  They are sinners like heterosexuals having sex outside of marriage.


McCullough, however, oversteps by placing Rick Warren in the same camp with the Left.  Warren cares for the downcast, but disagrees with the gay rights movement.  His methodology is to inform the Church about current social problems, which includes inviting liberals like Barack Obama to address a conference on AIDS at Saddleback Church's property.  Warren used to be my pastor, so I'm a bit biased, but he's not a liberal and believes that no one can have a right relationship with God except through faith in Christ.  I don't know too many liberals, if any, who would honestly say "Christ alone."  Warren's PEACE plan is a far cry from leaving the poor of the world impoverished and dependant upon their governments.  While I'm not comfortable with every issue Warren associates himself with (like global warming) or all the people he associates with (like Obama), it's not fair to call him a liberal.  That Warren associates with liberals doesn't make him one any more than Jesus' associating with drunkards made him a drunk.

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