"Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me" John 14:1
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Written by Kevin L. Howard   


I. It's possible to seek Jesus for the wrong purpose.


a. Making your life easier-although following Jesus may have many benefits, it is primarily about glorifying him rather that making our lives easier.  He's not just a meal ticket for us.  


  • He is the Lord of the universe.  Just as Jesus was all about obeying and honoring his heavenly Father, so we should be all about giving honor and glory to God. 


b. Rather than recognizing who he is and why he came-He tells us later in this chapter why he came. 


  • He is the food from heaven.  If we don't partake of him then we will perish.  (Note his strong words in chapter 8.  He calls all to repent or they will suffer in hell forever.) 


  • His ultimate sign was the resurrection.  This was what all the other signs and works were leading up to.  The resurrection demonstrated once and for all that he was the Messiah sent from God. 


II. It's possible that we spend our energy chasing after the wrong things.


a. Can we see beyond this world and our own needs?


b. Are we preparing to live with God in eternity?


Food: Christ-Jesus goes on to say that he is the bread of life.  Unlike the temporary manna that fell in the desert and only sustained life briefly for their forefathers, this bread gives life forever because Jesus is life. 


Partake: by faith-The only way we can "eat" this food that Jesus offers is by faith.  We must not be confused here.  He's not talking about the Lord's Supper.  The Lord's Supper doesn't give life, only Christ does.  We partake of the meal he offers (salvation and abundant life) by believing in him.  The problem with Jesus' crowd is that, despite the signs, they missed who he was-the King of all kings.


Christ's Work: salvation-Jesus came to obey the Father and to die for our sin so we could be forgiven and live in heaven forever.  Jesus came to point people to their need for salvation.  His miracles and signs were an attempt to help people see God.


Our work: trust and obey-our work is the accepting of what Christ has already accomplished.  We must not think that we can work our way to God.  But the Christian life involves work, too.  It's a faith that works.  Jesus was in essence saying, "You strive after this stuff which spoils; strive after that which lasts forever, and I will allow you to live forever."


III. Jesus offers life because he comes from the Father. 

Jesus is God and can, therefore, offer life as the God-man.  He is the incarnate God who makes salvation real and brings it down to where we live.


a. He's willing to give.  Are you willing to receive?  He demands complete surrender.

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