"Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me" John 14:1
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FEATURE ITEMS (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/10/30/)

Biblical Calling

Journal Entries

When Life Hurts*

Combating Worry*

The Curse of Email

A Tree

A Day of Fun in Tennessee


Gossip, Gossip, Gossip*

Preachers, Walk on the Grass

Seminary Students

John Stott at Saddleback: Lessons From A Hawaiian Shirt

Pardon My Apologetics

A Word for Those in Seminary and Vocational Ministry*

People of History

Gerald Chatham: Profile of an Unsung Hero*

David Livingstone*


In Memory of a Friend: Matthew Hopkins

Dealing With the Craziness of PETA*

Controversy at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 1971*

Jesus Wore a Pink Skirt*

Are Christians Free to Drink in Moderation?*

Prioritizing Our Christmas Budget*

Is Rick Warren a Liberal?

Warren, Obama, and McCullough

Do Boxing and Christianity Mesh?*

Allen Yeh, ETS, and Cultural Theology*

Review of Scott Allen's Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide

A Few Words on Academic Wordiness: Humility Meets Clarity

Review of K. DeYoung and G. Gilbert's What is the Mission of the Church?

Review of Noll and Nystrom's Clouds of Witnesses


THE CHURCH (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/2/70/)



Lord's Supper

Bring Back the Lord's Supper: Open Letter to Southern Baptists

Church Planting

What's So Great About House Church?


Why Do Christians Fast?*

How to Kill Your Church*

Rethinking the Church: A Challenge to Traditional Ministry Methods*

Enabling Church Members to Minister More Effectively*

Extreme Servanthood: How Do Busy Leaders Live it?*

Too Much Talk About Servant Leadership*

A Life That Counts: Church Membership*

Follow Up: Developing Disciples of Christ*

Paradigm Shift in American Evangelism: Tim Keller*


Honoring Pastors

Learning How to Follow Your Leader*

How to Approach Your Pastor on a Difficult Subject* (Interview with James Rozmus)


THEOLOGY PROPER (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/3/47/)


Limited Atonement*

On Being a SBC Calvinist*


Destruction of Enemies

Biblical Authors Delighting in the Destruction of Their Enemies*


Does Jesus' Resurrection Matter?*

It's All About God?

Your Key to Understanding Life*

Atheism, Hyper-Feminism, and Sloppy Thinking*

Modern Evangelical African Theologians: A Primer*

Reformation Day


WOMEN AND THE CHURCH (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/13/63/)

Role in the Church and Home

The Deception of Feminism*

Women in the Teaching Ministry of the Church (1 Timothy 2:11-15)*

Women and SBC Ministry: Clarifying the BF&M of 2000*

Beyond Sex Roles

Examining Bilezikian's Book, "Beyond Sex Roles"*

Dressing Modestly

Open Letter to My Daughter on Modesty*

Some Women Call it Fashion*

How About a Modesty 101 Class?*

When I See a Woman Dressed Provocatively*

A Word to Women on Modesty (10-part series of "One Man's Plea..."

A Modest Proposal*

One Man's Plea for Christian Women to Dress Modestly*

A Case for Immodesty


Abortion and Selfishness


FICTION (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/5/29/)

The Trilogy

The Assignment

The New Reformation

The Radicals*

Other Short Stories

That Creeping Thing

Drake's Darkest Night

The Sandbox

The Ridiculous Man

Picture Taker

Sam's Ok


RELATIONAL ISSUES (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/6/48/)


Reasons for Marriage


Single and Content? Was Paul for Marriage or Singleness in 1 Cor 7?

Do I Have to be Content Before God Will Give Me a Spouse?*

Link to A Shattered Heart: Finding God Amidst a Dating Break-up (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/25/113/)


TELLING IT STRAIGHT (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/7/89/)

Gay Rights

Gay Rights: Equal to the Civil Rights Movement?*

Gay and Astray

Invading Liberal Territory with Truth*

Transgendered or Something Else?*

Gay, Straight or Taken?

The Unashamed Gay Movement

Sidewalk Driver

Why are Gays so Intolerant?*

The Gay Way Could Be More Hate Than Play*

Link to Trilogy in "Short Stories and Fiction" (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/category/5/49/29/)

Homosexuality in the Bible

The Old Testament and Homosexuality*

Examining Romans 1:18-32--Paul's View of Homosexuality*


MODERN ISSUES (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/8/50/)

Capital Punishment

Letters Objecting to Capital Punishment (includes NNF response)*

Tennessee's Death Penalty Moratorium*

Christians and Capital Punishment*

The Sexes

Our Jesus is Too Weak

Sexuality as Understood in Galatians 3:28

Distorting the Lines Between the Sexes

Jesus-That Holy Sissy


Anti-Racism--A Convenient Morality

A White Man on Racism*

Link to Gerald Chatham: Profile of an Unsung Hero (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/view/170/30/)


Protestors for Peace


OPEN LETTERS (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/4/55/)


Letter to Hugh Hewitt, Supporting Our Troops and Joel Stein

Letter to Goldstein, The Feminist Cause

Letter to KNBC, Media's Anti-War Bias

Letter to Paper in Tennessee, Jews and Palestinians

Letter to Commissioners, English Speaking American

Letter to Professor Daly, What About Right-Wingers?

Ethics and Morality

Link to Open Letter to My Daughter on Modesty (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/view/183/63/)  

Link to Letters Objecting to Capital Punishment (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/view/188/50/)

Letter to Mike Adams, Your Satire Must Go

Letter to Professor Promoting Homosexuality

Letter to Geoffrey Kors, Advocate of Gay Rights*

Letter to Noam Chomsky, What About Right and Wrong? (Letter 1) [With his response]*

Letter to Noam Chomsky, Your Thinking is Flawed (Letter 2) [With his response]

Letter to Anna Potter, Crazy Sex Education at Universities

Letter to Orange County Register, Iraqi Prison Abuse

Faith and Reason

Link to Lord's Supper: Open Letter to Southern Baptists (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/view/165/70/)

Letter to Philip Yancey, Soul Survivor

Letter to Bob Avakian, Atheist*


SERMON OUTLINES (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/19/97/)

Audio files

At the Cross, MP3 & WMA (1 Cor 1:18-25, 29, 31)*

Topical outlines

The Lord's Supper: Finding Strength in Difficult Times*

Jesus: At the Right Hand of God*

Your Key to Understanding Life

Biblical Overview of Fasting*

The Persecuted Church

Old Testament outlines

Genesis 1:26-31

Exodus 20:1-11

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Joshua 24:14-21

Judges 11:29-40

2 Samuel 12:1-14, Confrontation and Confession

2 Samuel 11:1-17, David's Downfall

2 Chronicles 1:1-22

Psalm 8:1-9

New Testament outlines

Matthew 6:19-24, Store Your Treasures in Heaven

Matthew 11:28-30

Matthew 18:15-20, Operation Restoration: Jesus' Approach to Church Discipline*

Luke 3:1-6

Luke 11:1-13, The Importance of Prayer

John 6:26-27

Acts 20:24*

Romans 1:24-27

1 Corinthians 1:18-25, At the Cross

Galatians 3:19-29

Ephesians 5:15-21, Walk in Wisdom

Hebrews 12:1-2, Running the Race of Faith


INTERVIEWS (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/category/21/75/106/)


Daniel Akin: Theologian and Seminary President*

Dorothy Patterson: Speaker, Author, Professor*

Paul Wolfe: Asst Dean for Biblical Studies at SWBTS*

Denny Burk: Professor and Blogger*

Jeffrey Mallinson: Oxford Grad, Professor, Rocker*

Link to James Rozmus: Pastor of 30 Years (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/view/176/70/)


GROWING UP IN CHRIST: Biblical Teaching for New Believers (Book) (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/22/107/)


SPIRITUAL REFLECTIONS (Book) (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/view/117/102/)


A SHATTERED HEART: Finding God Amidst a Dating Break-up (Book) (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/section/25/113/)


BECOME A CHRISTIAN (http://www.neednotfret.com/content/view/45/58/)


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