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The Trilogy
THE ASSIGNMENT (Story 1 of 3) Print E-mail
Written by Kevin L. Howard   

Betty laughed as she finished her third glass of brandy and looked at the ocean.  When the leaders of Locus first approached her with the job in 2003, she thought it would fail.

 She was a 27 year old with a body that could raise the dead.  Actually, her long black hair could probably have accomplished the task itself.

THE NEW REFORMATION (Story 2 of 3) Print E-mail
Written by Kevin L. Howard   

Jasmine fell headlong down the swampy embankment.  The upshot roots were like hands grabbing at her feet.  She could hear the dogs barking, the hunters yelling as the beams of their flashlights cut through the mosquito air. They would soon have her if she didn't keep moving.  Panting like a smoker in a marathon, she moved through the muddy swamp bottom, into the green underbrush.  Jasmine knew that persecution would eventually come, but she never dreamed so soon.  She couldn't let them catch her.  Not tonight.  She had to fight, to die if she had to, but fight she must.  At the moment, fighting meant running.  And run she would. 

THE RADICALS (Story 3 of 3) Print E-mail
Written by Kevin L. Howard   

It was so long ago I've forgotten much of the details.  I think it all began when I took over the group in 2004. 

            "Darren, you're the man to lead us now," Rusty said.

            "Selmont won't get parole for a while?" I asked.

            "All I know is, now that Lawrence v. Texas is in the history books, we're going to be unstoppable," Rusty said.

            "Then I accept," I said.  Every man's famous last words.



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