"Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me" John 14:1
Written by Kevin L. Howard   

[Context: The United States had recently invaded Iraq and protestors were handing out flyers to invite people to gather at corners in the city where I lived.  In 2003, I wrote this piece below and carried it with me to give to any peaceniks who invited me to these anti-America rallies.  Unfortunately, I never had the chance to give it away.]


Where were these recent "lovers of peace and justice" throughout the last 15 years?  What about when Saddam murdered 1000s of Iraqi Kurds in 1988?  What about when Iraq kicked out weapons-inspectors in 1998?  How many people rallied for peace then?  Are these recent protestors jumping on a band-wagon of rebellion, seeking some cause to scream about, or are they truly people of peace?  And isn't it a little ironic that so many of these protestors for peace seem agitated?  They should at least strive for consistency.



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